The organ at Hibben is now silent…

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Hibben’s organ was heard in service for the last time on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Under a prior sales agreement with a buyer, which was reached in the fall of 2017, the organ was promised to be available anytime after the Christmas season. It was anticipated the buyer would remove the instrument no later than January 31, 2018.

In preparation of the removal of the organ, it was necessary to disconnect all wiring, amplifiers, and speaker cabinets. The current organ at Hibben will be on the way to its new home this Friday, January 12, 2018. We are very happy that our buyer will give this instrument a second lease on life as he installs it in his home for use as a personal practice instrument. This is wonderful! An organ that brought our church so much joy for many years will soon be bringing joy to others.

Our new organ is still under construction at the Allen Organ factory in Macungie, PA. It will be installed in late summer of 2018 (July or perhaps August). As a result, Fox Music House of Charleston will be installing a temporary instrument for our use. This organ is also an Allen, although much smaller than our new one. Even so, the Allen “loaner” organ will be an incredible instrument fully-capable of leading our music program during the next few months, with notable services on Maundy Thursday, Palm Sunday, Easter, and a wedding on May 19.

Our new Organ’s Stoplist

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The stoplist for the Hibben Organ is as follows:


64 Gravissima

32 Contre Bourdon

32 Contre Violone

32 Gamba (ST)

32 Violone (ST)

16 Diapason

16 Bourdon

16 Rohrbourdon (SW)

16 Violone

16 Gamba (ST)

16 Violone (ST)

8 Octave

8 Gedackt Flote

4 Choralbass

4 Flute Ouverte

Mixture IV

32 Contre Bombarde

32 Contra Double Trumpet (GT)

16 Bombarde

16 Double Trumpet (GT)

8 Trompette

4 Clarion

Genisys Voice 1

Genisys Voice 2


16 Contra Geigen

16 Spitzflote

8 Diapason

8 Flute Harmonique

8 Bourdon

8 Gamba

4 Octave

4 Flute Octaviante

2 ⅔ Twelfth

2 Fifteenth

2 Waldflote

Mixture IV

Scharf III

16 Double Trumpet

8 Trumpet



Genisys Voice 5

Genisys Voice 6

Great-Pedal Unenclosed


16 Rohrbourdon

8 Diapason

8 Rohrbourdon

8 Flute Celeste II

8 Viole de Gamba

8 Viole Celeste

4 Gemshorn

4 Nachthorn

2 ⅔ Nasard

2 Zauberflote

1 3/5 Tierce

Plein Jeu III

16 Contre Trompette

8 Trompette

8 Hautbois

8 Vox Humana

4 Clairon


16 Swell

Unison Off

4 Swell

Genisys Voice 3

Genisys Voice 4


8 1st Viole II

8 2nd Viole II

8 Gamba II

8 Salicional II

4 Dulcet II

4 Salicet II

2 Violina II

Dulciana Mixture V


Celestes Off

16 Pedal Strings

8 Pedal Strings

4 Pedal Strings


16 Double Dulciana

8 Gedackt

8 Dulciana

8 Unda Maris

4 Prinzipal

4 Koppelflote

Unda Maris II

2 Blockflote

1 ⅓ Quintflote

Scharff IV

16 Cor Anglais

8 Cromorne


Genisys Voice 7

Genisys Voice 8


16 Gamba Celeste II

8 Philomela

8 Solo Gamba

8 Gamba Celeste

4 Gambette Celeste II

16 Herald Trumpet

8 Herald Trumpet

8 French Horn

8 Clarinet*

8 Flauto Mirabilis*

8 Corno Di Bassetto

8 English Horn

4 Octave Herald


Genisys Voice 9

Genisys Vloice 10

TOE STUD: Zimbelstern

THUMB PISTON: Trompette en Chamade

Our New Organ


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Our new organ, which is in the early stages of construction at the factory in Macungie, PA, is a custom 4-manual Allen. Its foundation is the G-470, which is a 99-stop digital organ with 6 different voicing suites. We have chosen as our default voicing the Aeolian-Skinner suite. A-S was America’s preeminent pipe organ builder for decades. Some of the most notable organs in the United States were built by this firm, including The Riverside Church in New York City and The Mother Church (First Church of Christ, Scientist) in Boston.

Our organ will be truly one-of-a-kind as we selected stops that will be unique to our instrument. These include a 2′ Zauberflote, an 8′ Philomela, the Herald Trumpet in the Solo division, and rounding out the bass will be a 64′ Gravissima.

In addition to a well-conceived stoplist, great care has been taken in the console itself. Allen Organ is able to construct a console that fits virtually everyone’s tastes, but Hibben decided to go with cosmetic details that are both rich and stunning, but also timeless in their beauty. The console will be a very traditional walnut, and the interior area around the keyboards and stops will be black. The drawknobs are white, and the music rack is solid wood, instead of the more conventional acrylic or lattice wood.

Another prominent feature of this organ is the Antiphonal Organ, which will speak at the opposite end of the sanctuary from the Main Organ. This division will fully duplicate the Swell division, which also resides in the Main Organ, and will also be home to the Trompette en Chamade, the most powerful reed stop on the organ.

While great care was taken in designing the elements of this organ in ways the congregation can appreciate both in sight and sound, the area in which the bulk of the extra customization expenses were addressed is “under the hood”. We invested heavily in extra horsepower and computing ability for the amplification system and computers. Thus, an organ that normally uses 34 channels will now be powered by 44. This will enhance the overall sound and depth of the instrument. It will also allow the use of full chords when playing Solo stops, something that will be useful when playing much of the French literature, but which is not always pleasant to listen to if the organ doesn’t have the power to process multiple notes simultaneously from the Solo division.


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